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Your Domestic Cleaning Service Questions Answered | Serving the Los Angeles, CA Area

Do domestics bring their own cleaning supplies?
The domestics do bring their own cleaning supplies, however if you have a specific brand or type of supply you would like them to use you are more than welcome to provide it for them!

Are the workers licensed and bonded?
The domestics are independent workers. The agency cannot offer any type of bonding or insurance because the workers are not employees.

What are the forms of payment?
Domestics accept credit card, check and cash. First time customers are expected to pay cash, then pay with any of the three options (cash, credit card, or check). If for any reason a check is returned there is a $35 dollar return fee.

What is a Referral Agency?
Referral Agencies register independent workers offering various home services to clients- hereafter referred to as ‘domestics'. Domestics are not the agency's employees; domestic workers make the final decision on price and whether or not they will clean your house.

Are the professionals who service my property Southern California Maid Service Employees?
Southern California Maid Service is a referral agency. Meaning the people coming to your home are independent contractors, aka domestics. The domestic worker may be considered your employee depending on the relationship between you and him/her. If you direct the manner and means by which the domestic worker performs his or her work you may have employer responsibilities. These responsibilities include employment taxes, and workers compensation, under state and federal law. For additional information, contact your local Employment Development Department and Internet Revenue Service.

How do you handle any breakage, damage or loss?
The domestics are independent workers and are not employees of Southern California Maid Service. Southern California Maid Service is not responsible for any breakage, damage or loss. We can work as a liaison between the customer and domestic worker to reach an agreement as to how the situation will be handled.

How do I cancel my appointment?
If you need to cancel for whatever reason please call 24 hours ahead of service. Please note same day cancellation fee is $25. For services performed on Sundays the cancellation fee is $45.

I am a regular customer. What if I forget to leave payment?
Payment is always due at the end of service, if payment is forgotten we can take a credit card over the phone. We do accept three different forms of payment, including cash, check and credit card. If a check is returned we do charge a $35 fee.

Can I have a specific domestic every time?
The domestics choose to accept ongoing referrals. If domestics agree we will gladly refer them to you!

Can I hire the domestic directly?
The domestics workers referred to you are under contract NOT to solicit agency customers/ referrals.

Are domestic workers available everyday of the week?
Domestic workers are available Monday-Saturday. Sunday services are available but are subject to an additional fee.

What if my appointment falls on a holiday?
Domestics are available most holidays! However, if it is more convenient for you to change the date, please let us know with 24 hour notice.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?
Problems can usually be avoided by specifying what your expectations of the domestics are. We always ask for customers to check domestics work before they leave to insure it is to your satisfaction. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the service we will ask the domestics to work it out directly with you. We recommend you be there at the beginning of the service and spend a few minutes explaining what areas you would like them to focus on! Communication is key!

Do domestics speak English?
Most domestic workers speak English; however, some are more fluent than others. Please let the office know if you need your domestics to speak fluent English.

Do you have any promotional rates or coupons?
Ant coupons will be posted on the Specials page! For daily specials please call the office at 800-273-7033!